Easter eggs


In our school we are working on Easter in British culture. In 1st and 2nd grades of Primary, we are discovering that it is a significant date in Christian church. There are different important days:

Holy Thursday
Good Friday 
Holy Saturday

Easter Day. Curios fact: Why is Easter on a different day each year? This is because Easter Sunday is the Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring (21 March).

Easter Monday

On Easter Day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In United Kingdom, the eggs are a meaningful symbol and people decorate them with different colours and patterns.

Behind this tradition, there is an interesting story. The King Edward I of England ordered 450 eggs to be coloured for Easter gifts in 1290, and children believe that the Easter Rabbit hides the eggs in the garden. Nowadays, the tradition continues eating and decorating chocolate eggs.

We are also been decorating our own eggs. Do you want to see them?