Erasmus Policy Statement


The firms we choose for our students’ training are chosen among those who can offer them the possibility to practice the knowledge acquired during the academic year, that is, to put it into practice. We also try that these firms are placed in an area which favours human relationships to get to know English-speaking people and to know their culture and share their experiences. Until now, we have chosen some English-speaking destinies close to us: United Kingdom and Ireland,especially because our students wanted so, but we consider widening our borders and try to work with countries from the rest of Europe.

Nowadays, our mobility activities are addressed to facilitate our students their training in companies abroad, but we would love to participate in different European programmes in a near future.

Our goals to get with this international strategy are as follows:

- To facilitate the learning of modern languages to students as well as teachers.

-To adapt our students to different working realities and to learn to work in different ways from those in our country.

-To share methodologies and technologies with other countries to improve.

-The integration of our students in different cultures.

-To be known in Europe as regards our working and cultural style.

-To adapt our teachings to the European framework.

-To better our School catalogue.

-To facilitate to our teachers and staff relationships at an international level.

We consider that getting the Erasmus Charter once again can help us to get all these advantages to grow as professionals and as Europeans.


In the following years we still want to send our students abroad to train in different companies, since their experience has been very positive and they highly recommend it to the rest of students. All the school staff thinks that this experience is wonderful to make them good professionals as well as good European citizens. All the members of our school community have been involved: students, families, teachers, administration, secretary, and headmaster.

Other activities done by our school or which are forthcoming are the following:

-During the present academic year 2012/2013, one teacher has participated in a contact seminar in Dubrovnik to establish contact with different schools and firms. We started a Leonardo project very happily, but in the end, we could not carry it out. But apart from this, we are still interested in participating in more contact seminars because it is a very productive method to contact with different members and to create a common project.

Since 2008, our school has been participating in English summer courses with students from Secondary level in Ipswich.

-For five years, we have offered our students the possibility to attend to an examination to choose candidates to practice their training in the British Isles, this was so thanks to Bankia Scholarships, (previously called Eurobecas Cajamadrid).

-For the next academic year, we want to ask for English teachers’ assistant for all the levels in our school.

-We also have a group of teachers interested in training in firms outside our frontiers.

-We are also considering the possibility to establish an agreement with an American University thanks to the contact one of our teachers maintained to the American University.

-Finally, we would like to establish contacts with different European educational institutions to exchange firms and companies for our respective students whilst their training period, and also to share our methodologies and styles oflearning.


The Erasmus Programme is useful to our school due to the fact that it is one way to improve the quality and relevance of higher education reaching the level of “excellence”. The impact of these aspects is very important in our school since it helps us to establish a relationship between non-compulsory higher education and research. This enables us to find different and varied resources to fund ourselves as well as to manage ourselves. Thanks to this, we can offer a prestigious variety of students to the rest of Europe reaching a standard of excellence to the firm or company they go to.

Let's broaden participation in European projects represented groups by socioeconomic factors, so that everyone has access to higher education. We will work with other higher education institutions, businesses, professional organizations and local government agencies and to exchange knowledge. We will support innovative activities that promote mobility.

Our main task will be to prepare excellent students being able to cope in a modern and competitive society.

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